Naturheilkunde oder Hokuspokus - die unterschätzte Wirkung von Heilsteinen

Naturopathy or hocus-pocus - the underestimated effect of healing stones

How often do you listen to your soul?

We all have it within us - a so-called inner voice, an intuition, ultimately a voice from our heart and soul. Unfortunately, only a very small proportion of the population listens to it and acts accordingly, according to my research only 4% of humanity.

Self-healing? Why the internal doctor is not nonsense.

Yes, in each of us there are actually natural self-healing powers. Surely you have already observed how your Inner Physician stops bleeding and allows wounds to heal. Of course, it does not replace going to a conventional doctor, but it can provide wonderful and effective support.

Natural healing stones contain special minerals.

It is not without reason that nature leaves us fossil substances in the form of healing stones. When used correctly, these can activate our body's own healing powers. They support our self-healing process and can be found in nature in a great variety and different effects.

New hope with MANA'OLANA® healing stone jewelry?

That is exactly our goal - hope. Where there is hope, there is also the belief that despite all the darkness there is also a ray of light. The idea for our manufactory arose unfortunately, but at the same time fortunately from our own strokes of fate in the family and special living conditions. Coupled with my great interest in naturopathy and boundless creativity, my mission was clear. My loved ones got infected and so in 2022 my heart project became a family business. Our high-quality pieces of jewelry not only have their visual appeal. Similar to a guardian angel, they are a daily companion on the wrist. Their invisible powers and unique energies support us in the mental and physical challenges of our lives and promote our well-being.

Would you like to give a loved one a piece of hope? 

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